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Porta-King Offers Prefabricated Custom Designed Platforms for Warehouse, Manufacturing and Processing Facilities

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Prefabricated steel structures offer fall protection for employees

St. Louis based Porta-King, manufacturer of prefabricated building systems, offers custom designed platforms to warehouses, manufacturing and processing facilities across the country. The steel, prefabricated platforms, offer fall protection for at risk personnel, easing safety concerns.

“Our fall protection platforms provide safety for personnel that need to access areas in a facility that may be considered dangerous or high risk,” said Gregg Pearlstone, vice president at Porta-King. “We recently installed a two-story exterior platform at a nitrogen processing facility so employees could safely monitor and adjust control valves on the tank systems.”

In response to safety concerns, many facilities are turning to options that protect employees, while working with existing conditions of the facility.

“Many companies want to ensure the safety of their personnel, especially when they perform the high risk parts of their job,” Pearlstone said. “We can provide safety options with minimal impact or interruption in the daily activities of the facility.”

In addition to providing fall protection, Porta-King’s platforms are a quick and affordable alternative to conventional construction. Using the company’s unique prefabricated structures allows for construction of the platforms to go up close to 40-percent faster than traditional onsite construction of a structure.

“Our prefabricated mezzanine structures can be erected in just a few days, instead of a few weeks as it would with conventional construction, and at a much lower cost,” Pearlstone said. “Our systems are designed to enable faster and easier installation.”

To demonstrate their commitment to providing unmatched quality and service, Porta-King provides onsite-surveying to ensure every structure is built to match specific project requirements. All fall protection platforms are built in strict compliance with the IBC 2006.

Porta-King has been a leader in custom-designed prefabricated construction solutions since 1969. Porta-King also manufacturers prefabricated exterior structures for a wide assortment of applications, including guard buildings, guard and range towers, parking attendant booths and custom equipment enclosures. Porta-King’s prefabricated building systems provide shelter, storage, safety and security solutions for virtually any application where conventional construction has been traditionally utilized.

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