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Customizing a Modular Office to Fit Your Warehouse Needs

Custom Modular Office

An in-plant office offers a variety of modular design options that can accommodate the needs of any warehouse or production facility. Porta-King’s experienced team of designers and engineers will work with you to help you create the best office for your needs.

What Atmosphere Are You Looking For?

No one likes working in a dull, uncomfortable office. Modular in-plant offices are very flexible in meeting the design you desire, be it:

With the right atmosphere, employees can get a boost in their productivity and morale.

Know Your Location Needs

The location of you warehouse will help determine what kind of in-plant office you need. For example, if your warehouse is located in a seismic prone area like California, your in-plant office will need seismic protection.

Seismic protection is especially important if your in-plant office has a second story. Without additional support from seismic resistant shear panels or mezzanines, you could be putting your warehouse and employees at risk. By taking these necessary precautions, your building will be stable and employees will be safer.

Don’t Forget Soundproofing

Warehouses can get loud, so don’t forget soundproofing so employees don’t get distracted or have their hearing hurt by loud noises. Porta-King offers soundproofing ratings up to 47 STC for loud warehouse environments. If you are unsure how much soundproofing your in-plant office needs, our experienced team will be more than happy to assist you.

Need a Redesign? No Problem

If you find that your warehouse in-plant office needs to change, Porta-King offers a free redesign. Since your office is modular, they can be reconfigured in less than a work day so your employees can get to work quicker. Because there is no construction debris like in traditional construction, your employees and the goods in your warehouse won’t be exposed to hazardous building dust.

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