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Dividing Your Space with Prefabricated Wall Partitions

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Instead of constructing a permanent wall in your building, create a new room without the wear and tear, construction cost or hassle with a sturdy and environmentally friendly wall partition from Porta-King.

Benefits of our wall partitions includes:

  • Reusable Materials – The pre-engineered designs used in our modular wall systems can be reused over and over again, thereby reducing demands on raw materials required for new construction.  Additionally, materials used in construction of our products can be recycled so they don’t end up in a landfill.
  • More Efficient Utilization of Materials – The pre-engineered design used in all of our prefabricated and modular buildings, mezzanines and towers enables us to maximize utilization of all the materials we procure for production.  This means less on-site waste of construction materials.  All materials are purchased in bulk and inventoried in a secured environment, free from moisture or other adverse weather conditions commonly associated with open construction sites.
  • Less Site Disturbance – Our modular and prefabricated buildings, mezzanines and towers are manufactured off-site thereby dramatically reducing the time and impact on the construction site and the surrounding environment.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality – Because all components used for our modular buildings, modular wall systems and mezzanines are pre-cut at our factory there is virtually no suspended particulate matter created during the installation process.  This means better air quality for all who are present during construction and for those who will utilize the structures in the future.

In addition, Porta-King relies on extruded aluminum for construction of our wall partitions because it can be formed into more suitable shapes for the components typical to modular buildings. Not to mention the fact that aluminum is a maintenance-free material that will never rust or require painting.

And there’s no need to worry about sound performance. The design of our wall partitions dramatically cuts down noise between office spaces. There is also the option of purchasing materials to achieve an STC rating of 47 and a dB reduction level of 48.

Consider the high cost of a complete room reconstruction. Our products are built in-house and not to mention we offer free on-site consultations. The components are all shipped pre-finished and require low maintenance.

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