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Stay Protected with Equipment Shelters

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PortaKing equipment shelters offer top-of-the-line, reliable protection from different types of noise pollutants, humidity and extreme temperatures that are potentially dangerous to sensitive equipment. There are several customized designs that we’ve built to house a variety of applications and fit your individual company requirements.

Our equipment shelters accommodate materials of any shape or size. Our sturdy exterior models come fully assembled in steel or anodized aluminum and both offer maximum protection against theft, temperature and noise.

The Durasteel line features a solid, steel tube framework with 14-guage exteriors, available in ballistic rated construction up to NIJ Level 4. Duraluminum shelters are factory-assembled with maintenance free anodized aluminum structural components to provide years of hassle-free service. Each structure can be designed with a long list of options to adapt to both the function and form of your unique project. Modifications are available to increase capabilities and improve performance.  As a custom fabricator we also have the ability to create highly customized structures to address those project requirements that require non-standard construction features not found in either the Durasteel or Duraluminum product lines. Contact us today to learn more.

For interior applications, our modular designs guarantee a flexible layout that can conform to any requirements and provide for easy on-site assembly. When choosing a shelter, keep in mind that it may be necessary to relocate in the future.  We’ve made it easy to disassemble and transport our shelters for this very purpose. These structures can be installed onto an existing platform or shipped with floor units to increase portability if a move is required.

Interior models are composed of an aluminum framework and panels include a solid insulating core of EPS expanded polystyrene or urethane and numerous finish surfaces to accommodate any project.

Don’t risk damaging your expensive and valuable equipment with a mediocre equipment shelter. Protect your valuables with a well-built, dependable Porta-King product. Contact us today and we will help you find a structure or build one custom to suit your needs.

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