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Keeping Security Guards Safe & Comfortable With Prefabricated Guard Booths

A security checkpoint booth with a stop sign and red traffic light at a gated entrance, featuring a freshly paved road and overcast sky. This setup includes essential additions typical of prefabricated military guard sh

In order for security guards to do their jobs effectively, they must be comfortable no matter the weather. That’s why Porta-King’s prefabricated guard booths are designed to meet your unique needs in addition to keeping occupants safe and comfortable.

Ballistic Rated For Extra Protection

All of our prefabricated guard booths come with the ballistic ratings you need to keep guards safe as they work. Our ballistic rated guard shacks are protected from the top down to ensure optimal safety for occupants with a seamless high-strength wall, eliminating potential weaknesses in the ballistic perimeter.

Climate Control For Added Comfort

No one likes working in extreme temperatures – it not only makes the job more difficult and more dangerous. When working in a variety of temperatures throughout the year, guards need to remain not only comfortable, but also safe.

That’s why we build our portable buildings with energy efficiency and temperature control in mind. H.V.A.C. units are sized appropriately for the space, and the environment they will be installed to ensure the units operate efficiently and the guard booth maintains the desired temperature. With these, along with other energy saving methods, your guards will be comfortable all year round.  Thru-wall units include a ballistic rated shroud.

Durably Built for Harsh Weather

If you are located in an area that is prone to seismic activities or severe weather, it is important that guard booths are built to withstand these conditions. With seismic and wind resistance, you can be sure that guards will remain safe from all weather conditions and the building won’t collapse or become damaged.

Restrooms For Convenience

For security booths that are operated 24/7, installing a restroom in the building is highly recommended. That way, guards do not have to leave their post in order to use the restroom in the main building – which could be quite a walk for them – or portable toilets that are uncomfortable and often unhygienic.

Prefabricated guard booths offer a variety of options to help keep your security team safe and comfortable, which allows them to perform their job at peak efficiency. Find out how Porta-King guard shacks can improve your security today.

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