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Get Ballistic-Rated Guard Shacks at an Affordable Price

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Guard buildings are the first line of security for military employees and facilities. However, protection doesn’t have to come at a cost. Prefabricated, ballistic-rated guard buildings are an affordable way to provide military facilities with quality protection and years of maintenance-free use.

Strong, Quality Protection for Employees

Porta-King offers prefabricated guard houses in either aluminum or steel models with a wide range of the ballistic ratings you need. Unlike other manufacturers, Porta-King’s ballistic rated guard booths are protected from the base to the roof overhang. Excellent for protecting military employees should they find themselves in danger.

Unlike other manufacturers, our Durasteel models include BR protection in a seamless high strength steel wall surface that extends from grade to the roof line.  This seamless construction method eliminates potential zones of weakness that may occur in steel buildings produced with spliced construction methods.

Duraluminium buildings, on the other hand, include a maintenance free anodized aluminum exterior are reinforced with high strength ballistic rated steel on the interior. Both models include ballistic rated glazing equal to the ballistic rating provided for the walls and doors.

Prefabricated is More Affordable than Traditional Construction

Having your military guard building be prefabricated rather than traditionally constructed offers many benefits:

  • Flexible
  • Fact
  • Cost-Effective
Flexible to Meet Your Specific Needs

There may come a time when you need to move your guard building to a new location in your military facility. If you choose to do so, it’s a simple matter of removing it from its floor structures then reinstalling it at a new location. Ballistic-rated guard buildings can also be designed to match whatever design requirements or aesthetic property you need.

Fast Construction Doesn’t Interrupt Work

In a military environment, time cannot be wasted, so why wait to have a guard building built? Unlike traditional construction, Porta-King’s prefabricated buildings arrive on-site as a fully constructed building. Therefore, it can be quickly installed without disrupting the work flow and employees can get right to work maintaining the security of the area.

High Quality Construction Features Leads to Lower Costs

Military facilities cannot afford to have a guard building that always needs to be maintained. Prefabricated guard buildings are a good, cost-effective way to get a quality ballistic-rated building. The time tested, quality materials and construction used to create our buildings ensures years of trouble free service.

Safety Isn’t Your Only Priority When Designing Your Military Guard House

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