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Modular Mezzanines for Aerospace Research

Modular Mezzanine

Aerospace research has led to everything from more efficient aircraft to non-stick pans. Modular mezzanines can help aerospace researchers and engineers by maximizing your workplace’s potential:

  • Work platforms to provide researchers with a safe environment in which to work and help engineers, welders, and other skilled laborers access high or hard-to-reach areas safely.
  • Equipment platforms to keep equipment safe from unauthorized access and seismic events
  • Storage platforms to keep materials safely out of the way of the main floor

Making the Workplace Safe & Convenient

Accessing tall equipment shouldn’t be a hassle and safety never goes out of style. That’s why when working at higher levels, researchers need a safe, stable platform that allows them to safely access components to machines and other equipment without needing to worry about accidental falls. Gates and guard railings help give aerospace researchers peace of mind while working so they can focus on their tasks.

Optimizing Limited Space

No matter the size of the research facility, space is precious. Modular mezzanines help researches optimize space by utilizing ceiling space that would otherwise be wasted.

Keeping Valuable Equipment Safe

It is important that equipment used for the success of aerospace research like wind tunnels and other test equipment remain safe from damage—either by improper use or seismic events. Equipment platforms can be fitted with gates to prevent unauthorized access to equipment, keeping both researchers and equipment safe.

Organizing Materials & Components in a Confined Space

Modular mezzanines like storage platforms are a great way to help aerospace research facilities by providing extra space for material and equipment storage. Because modular mezzanines are custom built, aerospace research facilities can store extra materials out of the way of the main floor and not take up excess space. This organization can help aerospace research by allowing researchers to easily find materials that they need and keep the main floor clear to avoid unnecessary clutter.

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