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NASA’s State-of-the-Art Work Platforms Shipped to VAB

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This past April, NASA received one of its first shipments of work platforms for the Space Launch System (SLS) project. The original work platforms in the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) were removed in 2013 to make way for these newer platforms that will help lead the way in the construction of the SLS.

A Quick Rundown of the SLS Project

At its most basic, the SLS is a launch vehicle designed to send craft into deep space and support “the highest-ever payload mass and volume capability and energy to speed missions through space,” according to NASA. It will be integrated with the Orion spacecraft as well as smaller “CubeSats” as secondary payloads to be deployed later on in flight. In short, it will be multitasking—something other exploration-class spacecraft have not yet done.

Work Platforms Make the SLS Project Possible

These work platforms are very important to the success of the construction of the SLS. Work platforms allow researchers and engineers easy access to the spacecraft for testing and processing. Without them, it would be difficult, if not impossible, for engineers to install the many different components critical to the safety and operation of the SLS.

The platforms consist of 10 versatile levels that can be extended and retracted as needed. In addition to providing easy access to the many parts of the SLS, work platforms also provide support to the SLS through their attached rail beams.

Work Platforms Provide a Safe Workspace in Potentially Dangerous Surroundings

Work platforms are an application of mezzanines. They are a great way to provide support and easy access to projects that cannot be safely reached by other means.

At Porta-King, mezzanines can be custom designed to fit your unique project and are rated to withstand seismic conditions. They also come with safety measures such as railings or harnesses for fall prevention.

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