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Safe, Durable Sports Video and Viewing Towers for Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Sports Video Tower

Porta-King has worked with a number of colleges and universities across the United States, providing their athletic departments with sports video viewing towers. Our towers can be built quickly, with little disruption, and allow video crews and coaches to work safely during practices and scrimmages. So, when Cal Poly San Luis Obispo requested two 32’ film towers, our engineers were ready.

The Cal Poly athletic department needed two elevated towers to film football practices from both the end zone and mid-field. They wanted a quick, cost-effective solution for coaches and videographers; they also wanted a sturdy structure that would withstand weather challenges and last for years to come.

Porta-King Gives Film Crews an Elevated Viewpoint to Get the Best Shots

In the past, video crews have relied on a scissor lift to get an overhead view of the practice field. This type of structure isn’t ideal, in terms of convenience or safety. Cal Poly wanted something better.

In planning a solution, we referenced sports towers Porta-King has provided for the University of Georgia and other schools. We furnished two 32’ pre-engineered film towers with internal stairs and landings, a covered canopy on the elevated film deck for weather protection, and a secured entry at the base of the towers. This entry included expanded metal security screens and secured door access for an extra layer of protection.

Porta-King’s solution allowed video crews to utilize both towers, recording the action on the field without having to utilize the scissor lift. Our towers are much safer and more effective in giving video crews the height and angles they need.

When You Need a Long-Lasting Solution – Quickly

The view of the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Sports Observation Tower from the field.

Porta-King can install a sports tower in just a day or two, allowing personnel to access the towers as soon as possible. We can also custom-paint tower features in the school colors. Our rigid framework offers protection for staff, even in areas prone to high winds or seismic activity.

Porta-King’s sports towers offer:

  • Integral roofs or fully enclosed deck
  • Internal galley stairs
  • Engineered foundation designs
  • Pre-engineered components in galvanized steel
  • Customizable balconies and other options

For schools that need quick, efficient construction and structures that will provide years of reliable service, there’s really no better solution.

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