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Porta-King Installs Portable Restrooms at Lumber Yard

Portable Restroom

Porta-King was asked to create a portable restroom for use at a lumber yard located in upstate New York. We were able to provide them with a building that would meet their needs and would be able to be moved at will and reused.

Increasing Employee Comfort

The customer needed a restroom added to their yard to provide facilities for their employees so they didn’t have to walk all the way to the restrooms located in their main building. By installing a portable restroom in a place that employees can easily access, employees can quickly and easily take care of any needs they have. That way, they can get back to work quickly.

Quick Construction

We utilized Duraluminum construction to produce this portable 8’w x 8’ high restroom, and it includes all factory installed plumbing fixtures and electric. The portable building was ready for use almost immediately after off-loading from the back of the delivery truck. The restroom also includes a plumbing chase that enables easy access to the piping that connects the restroom fixtures to on-site water and soil lines. With no major construction, the building was up and running in no time and the lumber yard’s operations were not hindered.

Years of Reliable Service

The portable restroom is an all anodized aluminum exterior to make it maintenance free and ensure years of trouble free service. Because the restroom came ready to install, it can be moved whenever the customer wants so they don’t have to tear it down and create a whole new restroom elsewhere. This method is not only greener, but can keep a company within their budget.

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