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3 Tips to Keep Unauthorized Visitors at Bay

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At many manufacturing companies, privacy is very important to not only protect trade secrets, but also keep employees and equipment safe. Here are three ways you can keep unauthorized visitors out of your facility or from viewing certain areas like the manufacturing floor.

Put Modular Tall Walls in the Facility

Modular tall walls are a great and efficient way to give your manufacturing facility the privacy it needs without doing a complete redesign of the building. With modular tall walls, unauthorized visitors will be unable to see into certain areas like manufacturing, giving your employees privacy as they work.

Since modular tall walls are easy to install, they can be redesigned at a moment’s notice should the needs of your facility change. For example, if you need to expand or reduce the space.

Add Guard Shacks to all Entrances

Having guard shacks at all the entrances of your facility will help regulate the flow of traffic and prevent unauthorized visitors from coming onto the property. Guards will be able to safely and comfortably monitor visitors as well as keep track of who is coming and going from the facility.

Since guard booths are portable, you can easily move them to new locations if the entrances to your facility change. They are also completely customizable to be built to fit your needs and the needs of your guards—like the addition of restrooms and additional storage.

Install Indoor Equipment Shelters

Unauthorized visitors should not be able to get close to the machines at your facility for their own safety and the integrity of the equipment. Installing indoor equipment shelters in your manufacturing facility will give you a secure place to put equipment with locking doors. In addition to maintaining privacy for equipment and the employees working with it, indoor equipment shelters also help reduce sound pollution in your facility, leading to happier and healthier employees.

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