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Put Safety First with Bullet Proof Buildings

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Security guards, military personnel and other government officials have a tough enough job without worrying about the safety of their post. At Porta-King, we build quality bullet proof buildings to ensure a protected enclosure for those who may be threatened in the workplace.

It’s important to note that although ‘bullet proof’ is the widely used commercial term for such buildings, the more accurate term is ‘bullet resistant.’ The degree of bullet resistance is based on U.L. rating (Underwriters Laboratory) 1 through 8 and NIJ (National Institute of Justice) threat level rating from I-IV.

U.L. Ratings

Level 1 – 9 mm Full Metal Copper Jacket with Lead Core

Level 2 – .367 Magnum Jacketed Lead Soft Point

Level 3 – .44 Magnum Lead Semi-Wadcutter Gas Checked

Level 4 – .30 Caliber Rifle Lead Core Soft Point

Level 5 – 7.62mm Rifle Lead Core Full Metal Copper Jacket Military Ball (.308 Caliber)

Level 6 – 9mm Full Metal Copper Jacket with Lead Core

Level 7 – 5.56mm Rifle Full Metal Copper Jacket with Lead Core

Level 8 – 7.62mm Rifle Lead Core Full Metal Copper Jacket Military Ball (.308 Caliber)

NIJ Threat Level Ratings

Level I – .22 long rifle high velocity lead and .38 special round nose lead

Level II – .357 Magnum jacketed soft point and 9mm full metal jacket

Level III – 7.62mm (.308 Winchester)

Level IIIA – .44 Magnum and 9mm full metal jacket

Level IV – .30-.06 armor piercing

Porta-King offers buildings in all levels and we will work with our customers to satisfy all project requirements and deliver a product that meets their needs. Each bullet proof building will be delivered fully assembled for hassle free installation on the premises. Each building includes primary components as well as custom features for convenience like cabinetry, electrical systems and more.

During the production phase, quality control is of the utmost importance for every bullet proof building. As experts in the industry, Porta-King can ensure customer satisfaction.

For more information, visit our ballistic rated gallery and browse the photos of our products. Contact a customer service representative at any time for a consultation or estimate.

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