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The Ins and Outs of Modular Clean Rooms

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Clean Rooms can be useful in a wide variety of industries from computing to pharmaceuticals. Since the main goal of modular clean rooms is to reduce contamination and air pollutants while controlling temperature, cleanliness and security are essential factors. There is little room for error and a faulty cleanroom is simply not acceptable. Even a small leak or malfunction could jeopardize the integrity of an experiment or manufacturing process.

We know that depending on the facility and type of work being done, cleanrooms can have different specifications. Defining your cleanroom standards and knowing the manufacturing requirements can help narrow your choices when choosing a cleanroom. For example, most cleanrooms are positive-pressure rooms, built to filter air and keep a room free from contamination. But there are also negative-pressure rooms that are used to keep pathogens and infectious diseases contained within a space.

Size is also a factor when considering what type of cleanroom to purchase. What is the layout of the cleanroom? How many people will be going in and out? How much equipment will you need? It’s important to have flexibility when choosing your cleanroom in case amenities such as an air shower need to be added. Our modular clean rooms allow for additions and layout changes without a rebuild. You should be able to expand your cleanroom if the need occurs. Modular clean rooms also allow for easy dismantling, in case your facility moves to a new location.

You should also consider air conditioning needs. As more workers are stationed in your cleanroom, think of the additional body heat, machinery and cleanroom clothing like masks and goggles. It’s important that your workers stay comfortable in their environment. Take note of whether you need a single pass room, (where the air is pumped in from the top and blown out through the bottom) or a recirculating design that allows the air to recycle and saves on air conditioning costs.

PortaKing has over 40 years of experience manufacturing modular clean rooms and other specialty enclosures. Contact us for your next prefabricated building solution.

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