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The Difference Between Prefabricated & Modular Building Designs

Prefab vs. Modular

If you’ve been shopping around for the right modular office for your business, no doubt you will need to decide whether your project will be best addressed with a traditional modular or prefabricated modular office design. Within the modular industry, the application of these terms may differ from company to company. However, Porta-King suggests you consider the following to determine whether a prefabricated or modular office is the better choice:

  • the way they are constructed
  • the layout you wish to create
  • how often you intend to relocate the structure

Modular Offices

Modular offices are made up of various components that are pre-engineered at our factory to meet a particular project’s design. These components are then shipped to the end-user where they are assembled on-site to create the desired structure.

Modular offices are designed and built with interconnecting parts. This process makes modular building faster and cleaner than conventional construction while also being easier to redesign than a conventionally constructed office.

Prefabricated Offices

Unlike traditional modular offices, prefabricated offices include a bit of a design twist. The structure is entirely constructed at the factory and shipped to the customer as a finished structure. Porta-King assembles the components on top of a steel base then loads it onto a truck and ships the completed product.

This process essentially eliminates the installation process so the project is completed even faster than would be possible with our traditional modular design. However, there are some limitations to this type of construction. For instance, since these structures are assembled at our factory the size of a single unit is limited to what can be shipped by truck. Therefore larger carbon footprints must be created by shipping multiple smaller units that are connected together on-site. Lastly, because these prefabricated buildings are constructed on floor structures, they can be moved from site to site much more easily than would be possible with our traditionally designed modular offices.

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