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3 Essential Portable Buildings for Your Hotel

Equipment Shelter

Running a hotel can be difficult, especially if you run a large hotel that hosts many guests. By choosing the best portable building for your hotel, you can ensure that both your guests and employees are safe and happy.

Keep Equipment Safe with Equipment Shelters

It’s important to keep your hotel grounds looking clean and well-kept. If you can’t keep your outside grounds looking nice, then guests will assume the inside isn’t clean as well. To keep your hotel grounds looking nice, you need a safe place to store your grounds-keeping equipment. Equipment shelters are a good way to keep your equipment safe from the elements and theft. When equipment is in good condition, your grounds keepers don’t have to work with bad equipment and will be able to keep your hotel looking nice and impressive to guests.

Keep the Hotel Safe with Guard Houses

Guard booths can be used as a base for your security staff who are in charge of ensuring that no one is on the grounds who isn’t supposed to be there. By stationing your staff conveniently around your hotel, they can also step in should a guest get unruly, ensuring your guests and other hotel staff feel safe and comfortable about their stay. The safer guests feel, the more likely they’ll come to your hotel again. If you find that you need to move your guard house to a new location, it’s a simple matter or removing the structure from its base and transferring it to the desired location. A modular design allows you to redesign your hotel so you don’t have to spend unnecessary money tearing down the guard house and building new.

Monitor Parking Lots with Parking Booths

Theft is particularly common in hotel parking lots because guests are more likely to leave belongings in their cars. One break in can result in a whole suitcase full of valuable or sentimental items being stolen. In addition, an unattended parking lot can result in increased accounts of assault and robbery as guests walk to and from their vehicles. Parking booths are a great way for you to add security to your hotel’s parking areas. Attendants can monitor the comings and goings of vehicles and pedestrians to make reduce theft while having a safe and comfortable place to do their job. When parking lots are safe, guests will feel better about staying at your hotel and walking to and from their car to the hotel.

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