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Why Smoking Shelters are a Good Idea for Your Military Base

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In the U.S. military, 24% of all soldiers on active duty smoke, which is a much higher rate than the civilian population. As military bases restrict smoking on their grounds, soldiers and other personnel who smoke find themselves without a safe, comfortable place to do so. This contradiction can be especially difficult for them in the hot of summer or cold of winter, when they aren’t allowed to smoke next to entrances to stay warm or cool. You can solve this problem by installing smoking shelters for them.

Gives Personnel a Comfortable Place to Smoke

For those soldiers and personnel who smoke, they can find themselves put out to find a place to smoke that won’t disrupt those who do not. Our smoking shelters come in a variety of sizes and configurations to best meet your needs and the needs of your military personnel who smoke. They also come with ventilation so those inside the smoking shelter are not overwhelmed by smoke and can get some fresh air. You can make your military personnel who smoke more comfortable by adding heating and cooling systems to your smoking shelter. That way, they won’t have to stand out in the elements, especially when the weather is less than fair.

Improves Base Appearance

There’s nothing more unsightly than a group of people standing around an entrance or congesting pathways. Smoking shelters allow path- and entryways to be cleared for traffic and can be designed to match the aesthetics of your base. For example, we can provide different types of:

  • Glass, both non-tinted and tinted
  • Roofs
  • Lighting
  • Colors

The best part of our prefabricated smoking shelters is that they don’t take long to set up. Simply choose the type of shelter you want and its aesthesis and we will ship it to you already built. That way, there’s no messy construction to get in the way of your military base’s operations.

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