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3 Great Uses for Portable Buildings in the Mining Industry

Portable Building

Portable buildings have a myriad uses that can be customized to fit whatever industry you happen to work in. For the mining industry, they can be particularly useful for both storage and personnel. The mining industry can get the most bang for their buck with portable buildingsthat they can easily move to new worksites.

Protect Equipment with On-Site Equipment Storage

Mining equipment is not cheap. If a piece of mining equipment needs to be replaced due to an accident or it’s merely run its life course, on-site storage allows you to have those extra parts on hand.

There will be no need to wait to have the parts shipped in or to ship the equipment off-site, which is a plus when a piece of mining equipment needs to be used sooner rather than later. You also can’t afford to let equipment and parts get damaged through negligence or being left outside.
Installing on-site equipment storage protects equipment from the elements when it is not in use. Portable buildings also keep equipment safe from theft and restricts access to workers who are permitted to handle spare parts.

Repair Equipment with Maintenance Facilities

If smaller pieces of equipment need maintenance or repair, why do it in the elements? In addition to storing extra parts on-site, portable buildings offer mining workers a safe place to repair equipment for both workers and the equipment in question. Portable buildings can also be designed to be heated or cooled based on the location of the mining site and the mining season so workers can work in comfort.

Provide On-Site Training Facilities

If miners are learning a new skill or you have a new worker, portable buildings can be used as an on-site training facility. Say a new piece of equipment comes in and you need to train your employees to use it. Instead of pulling them from the work site to train, they can simply head over to the training building to learn the new skill. Having the training facility close by will not only save on transportation costs, but it will also give employees the chance to immediately put their new skills to use.

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