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3 Prefabricated Solutions for Your Sports Facilities

Ticket Kiosk

It’s no secret that there is a lot going on at once in a sports arena. As such, you can’t afford being unable to accommodate the number of people who attend your event. To make everything run smoothly and efficiently, consider adding these prefabricated buildings and structures to your sports Facilities:

Ticket Kiosks

Ticket kiosks are often the first thing guests see when they enter your sports facility. With that in mind, your ticket kiosk should be attractive and functional. Ticket kiosks from Porta-King are portable and come with optional features like:

  • Trailer mounts
  • Architectural enhancements like custom paint, brick, faux stone and more.

If you ever need to move your ticket kiosk, the trailer features will allow it to be easily moved to where it is needed at the time. Architectural enhancements will enable you to design a tick kiosk that blends seamlessly with surrounding structures.

Press Boxes

If your sporting event is broadcast, a press box is an essential addition to your sports facility. All of Porta-King’s press boxes are custom designed to fit your specific needs and can have features like:

  • Walkable roofs
  • Custom layouts
  • Custom counter tops and cabinetry

Walkable roofs allow photographers and videographers to safely view the event without any obstructions. Specific size specifications can accommodate any equipment that is needed in order for your press box to operate without becoming cramped. Room to safely move about will allow those operating video and photography equipment to do their jobs effectively.

Sports Viewing Towers

If you need a bird’s eye view of your practices or games for videotaping or to evaluate your sports strategy, sports viewing towers are just what you need. These prefabricated towers can be constructed in 1-2 days to minimize disruption to your day to day activities. They are designed to be safe for users who are operating video equipment or viewing sporting events. Safety features include:

  • Full perimeter guard rails
  • Internal galley stairs
  • Concrete foundation designs


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