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3 Surprising Modular Mezzanine Applications

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If you ever needed more storage space in your warehouse, you may have turned to modular mezzanines to fulfill this requirement. But beyond making more room in your warehouse for storage, did you know that modular mezzanines can also:

Utilize Unused Ceiling Space for Work Platforms

Besides extra space for storage, modular mezzanines can be used as extra work space. If you need more workspace for your employees, expanding outwards is more expensive and time consuming, not to mention disruptive to operations. On the other hand, expanding upwards takes advantage of your unused ceiling space is an economic and time efficient option. Modular mezzanines can add an extra layer of modular offices to your workspace as vision towers. Just like with work platforms, the structural design will change depending on its use. Office equipment can add extra weight to the building that will need to be supported safely.

Reinforce Two-Story Modular Offices

Just like any other building in seismic-heavy areas like California, reinforcement of two-story modular offices is of utmost importance. While shear panels can help support lateral loads for building s constructed in high seismic areas, some structures are so large or so tall that they require the extra support to create a two-story design. Incorporating a modular mezzanine into the structure will help reinforce the structure and support it in the event of an earthquake or other in other cases of sudden lateral loads.

Create Prefabricated Towers

A modified version of our modular mezzanine design may also be used to create towers for any number of applications ranging from security to observation. Modular mezzanine towers follow the same building guidelines as our prefabricated towers, ensuring the safety and longevity of the product. Additional safety precautions like mesh additions to the railings add an extra layer of safety.

Intended Use Determines Structural Design

The specific use of your modular mezzanine determines the structural design. For example, if being used to support extra heavy machinery, it will need a greater load-bearing capacity than if it were being used for, say, an office. Whatever your intentions, modular mezzanines add much needed extra room in which you employees can efficiently and safely work.

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