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Porta-King Creates Noise-Muffling Enclosures for Keolis

Keolis Enclosure Delivery

In 2019, Keolis faced complaints that the air compressors they used in railroad maintenance yards were excessively loud and were disturbing their neighbors. To combat the noise pollution, they needed a fast, affordable solution. Porta-King suggested a sound-proof equipment enclosure.

Porta-King Equipment Enclosures Can be Modified According to Your Specifications

To combat noise pollution, Keolis installed Porta-King industrial steel, sound-deadening enclosures. The durable, low maintenance structures help keep their compressors protected from the weather and quiet for the surrounding communities. 

Our outdoor portable buildings can be modified to fit your needs. Your options include: 

  • Size and layout to accommodate a specific type of equipment.
  • Functionality, to meet application requirements including, heating and cooling, electrical options and more.
  • Engineered to meet local seismic and wind loads, to ensure your personnel and equipment are kept safe.
  • Exterior design options to blend with surrounding architecture. 

Porta-King can design equipment enclosures that are safe and secure and look great with your facility.

Here’s What Keolis Had to Say about Porta-King

Dale Maguire, Buildings and Bridges Manager, noted, “the compressor buildings are very robust enclosures and should work well in keeping the noise from the compressors down.” Keolis’ response was favorable overall. In fact, they ordered 5 more units this year to keep peace with neighbors all over Massachusetts.

Porta-King Designs Ready-to-Ship Solutions that Meet Your Construction Needs

For industries looking for cost-effective ways to keep their equipment safe, Porta-King products are a no-brainer. We work with you every step of the way to design a solution that’s quick and easy to install. We’re happy to help you build a modular product for your facility. Contact us for design solutions for your business. 

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