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Modular Offices for Staff Members at the Charleston County School District

Modular Office
Teachers and administrators of our nation’s schools are used to making the best of what they have. In Charleston County, however, school officials got some much needed office space recently, thanks to the crew at Porta-King.

When school administrators needed more office space for an expanding workforce to replace an old existing small space, we worked with planners to build out new structures in phases that would fit their budget. We’re happy to say that the Charleston County School District now has the extra space they need.

Porta-King’s Multi-Phase Plan Gave Charleston the Expansions They Needed Over Time

Our engineers worked with officials in the Charleston County School District to both design building expansions and develop a timeline for the build.

Our goal was to create functional modular office space within the framework of existing buildings. We worked with the customer closely to design an initial layout, with provisions to expand to a second story when time and budget allowed. Here’s how construction progressed:

  • Initial 20 x 50 Office built July 2014
  • Future expansion designed and office, restroom and closet added November 2014
  • 2nd level shell and 3 additional offices designed and built April 2019
  • Conference room and restroom added June 2019
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Here’s What the School District Had to Say about Porta-King

“Our school district had a need for additional office space. We had limited office space in our 40,000 square foot warehouse, which was poorly built in the 1960s. We discovered Porta-King’s modular office concepts, and we were very encouraged by the options this gave us.
We met with our Porta-King rep many times on site to discuss our needs. We ultimately settled on a multi-phased approach. The first phase was constructed in such a way that adding on as more office space was needed would be simple.”

“The quality of the materials is outstanding, and the parts were simple to assemble. We are very happy with the Porta-King modular office. In fact, it exceeds our expectation for our office needs. I highly recommend anyone in need of additional office space to strongly consider Porta-King’s modular office system.”

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Porta-King Designs Ready-to-Ship Solutions that Meet Your Construction Needs

For industries looking for cost-effective ways to expand, Porta-King products are a no-brainer. We work with you every step of the way to design a solution that’s quick and easy to install. We’re happy to help you build a functional, space-saving mezzanine or other modular room for your facility. Contact us for design solutions for your business.

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