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Porta-King Builds Cleanrooms for Atrium Innovations

Atrium Innovation

A recognized, innovative leader in the nutritional and supplement health products industry, Atrium Innovations manufactures a number of products under brands like Garden of Life®, Pure Encapsulations®, Douglas Laboratories®, Genestra BrandsTM, and more.

When they needed a cleanroom for manufacturing and packaging their products—and needed quick, cost-effective construction—they came to Porta-King.

Porta-King Designs Modular Cleanrooms that Meet Strict Requirements

Atrium Innovations strives to be the global leader in vitamins, minerals, and supplements, offering science-based nutritional solutions. Because they care about the quality of their products, they require spaces that are temperature- and humidity- controlled. These spaces include HEPA filtered air with approximately 40 air changes per hour. Although the application didn’t require certification, it was designed to meet ISO 8 standards.

Modular cleanrooms designed by Porta-King offer the perfect solution, creating the required clean space necessary to meet Atrium’s strict requirements. Certified with ISO standards, we offer a wide range of construction options, including:

  • Different framing and connection methods.
  • A wide array of wall surface finishes like Painted Steel, HPL, PVC and other durable, non-shedding surfaces.
  • Custom wall compositions to address thermal ratings and other requirements.

Here’s What Atrium Had to Say about Porta-King’s Solution

For Atrium Innovations, time is always an issue. They were determined to get production up and running as quickly as possible.

Porta-King met their needs with a modular design that was quick and easy to install.

Atrium Innovations was pleased with the installation and the professional look of the finished product. Using Porta-King’s modular design made the most sense, considering Atrium’s application requirements and high standards. In short, this client loved the end result.

Porta-King Designs Ready-to-Ship Solutions that Meet Your Cleanroom Needs

For industries looking for cost-effective ways to produce products in a sterilized environment, Porta-King’s modular installs fit the bill. We work with you every step of the way to design a solution that’s fast, cost-effective, and easy to maintain. We’re happy to help you add a modular product for your facility that will meet your strictest requirements. Contact us for more information.

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