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Porta-King Aids Petroleum Facilities With Custom Solutions

January 22, 2009: ST LOUIS, MO – In an effort to assist petroleum facilities with affordable and custom enclosure solutions, Porta-King manufactures a variety of different buildings and enclosures to meet a wide range of applications that include guard buildings, equipment shelters and other custom enclosures unique to the petroleum industry.

To address this wide range of different applications, Porta-King manufactures buildings and enclosures that can be shipped either preassembled or assembled on-site.

At this facility, ethanol is delivered by tanker rather than pipelines to the facility every 20 minutes, the drivers must stand by while the ethanol is mixed with gasoline in case an emergency shutoff is needed. The Porta-King enclosure allows the driver to stay warm and safe while monitoring the fuel transfer.

For this particular application, the site where the enclosures were to be assembled included existing conduit and wiring in the concrete floor, making the installation of a Porta-King preassembled building impossible.

To accommodate these site conditions, Porta-King utilized our Pivot-Lock wall system which includes 3” thick insulated panels that are pre-framed in anodized aluminum with a painted steel exterior surface. Windows and doors are pre-installed into panels to facilitate a fast and easy on-site installation process. An insulated, panelized roof structure was supplied to complete the enclosed design.

According to Gregg Pearlstone, Vice President of Porta-King, “Porta-King Building Systems offer the best warranties in the industry on all products. All of the Porta-King systems install with minimal downtime in the area of construction and are very competitively priced when compared to conventional construction.”

Porta-King has been a leader in custom-designed prefabricated construction solutions since 1969. Porta-King’s pre-fabricated building systems provide shelter, storage and security solutions for virtually any working environment. For more information, visit the company on-line at www.portaking.com or call 800-284-5346.

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