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Porta-King Builds Modular Inspection Rooms for Enkei

Enkei Warehouse

Enkei, a manufacturer of custom wheels, inspects each wheel produced to be ensured of quality throughout the various stages of completion. To do this, Enkei needed a place where their product could be inspected safely and efficiently. Porta-King helped them reach their goal by recently installing modular inspection huts along with a custom roof.

Tours Without Disrupting Work

Enkei offers tours of the facility for customers who are interested in the process of manufacturing custom wheels. Tours are given via catwalks above the factory floor to keep visitors a safe distance away from the everyday operations on the factory floor. To give visitors a safe view of the work below without disruption, Porta-King utilized a custom panelized roof with skylights to enable visitors to see inside the modular inspection huts from the catwalk above

Flexible & Cleaner Construction

Modular construction offers many advantages over conventional construction. Namely:

  • Can be moved or modified in the future
  • Faster and cleaner construction
Flexibility Equals High Investment Returns

With the freedom to move or modify modular components when you need to, modular construction has a high recapture rate of the initial materials investment. The design of Porta-King building systems allows them to be disassembled if necessary to be rebuilt at another location or to add additional components to create a new layout. Since customers can reuse virtually all of the components, they get a high return on their initial investment, saving money.

Faster & Cleaner Construction

Modular construction is also not only cleaner than conventional construction, reducing waste, but faster. Unlike conventional construction, there is less downtime in the area of construction. This reduced construction time means a minimized impact to work flow.

Construction safety is of the utmost importance, especially when taking place in an enclosed area with reduced ventilation. Since each component used is shipped to the site of construction precut, there is no construction dust to affect sensitive equipment or employee health.

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