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Porta-King Equipment Enclosure Equipped to Protect Automotive Laser

Automotive laser system

There is no project that is too big for Porta-King to handle. Porta-King recently partnered with a company that was designing and building a new production laser system for a Midwest based automotive manufacturer.  Porta-King’s role would be to design and supply the enclosure to create a light tight environment for the lasers to operate.

We integrated this modular enclosure with one of our mezzanines.  We constructed this sophisticated equipment enclosure to house the four-position yag-laser cell manufacturing system used to produce car parts.  The modular wall panels were supported by our mezzanine that also provided support for a series of large air handler units . These air handlers will be used to evacuate smoke generated by the lasers.

Providing Protection for Equipment

Our prefabricated equipment enclosure was a great way to provide the light tight environment these lasers require while also protecting personnel who work in the area adjacent to this system. The enclosure includes special doors that were outfitted by the laser designer with an emergency shut down system designed to engage if doors are accidentally opened during laser operation.

Our equipment enclosures can be constructed based on your unique needs. They can be customized based on the equipment and equipped with electrical systems to ensure the equipment runs efficiently.

Safely Support Heavy Loads

Our mezzanines are designed to support heavy loads like those generated by these large air handlers.  Each mezzanine is designed to accommodate the specified floor load while providing the necessary seismic resistance for the geographical area it will be installed.  Our pre-engineered design facilitates an easy installation to compliment the speed with which our modular wall systems can be assembled.

The mezzanine Porta-King constructed measures 23’ x 45’ x 14.6’ and is integrated with a Porta-King steel mezzanine and Versa-King steel panels for extra support. It was designed to hold four 2,300 pound blowers and internal ductwork to handle the exhaust produced by the laser welding.

Safety Always Comes First

The safety of our clients is our top concern. Before the equipment enclosure and mezzanine is sent to the auto manufacturer, it will be tested extensively for safety at our facility. Only when it has passed rigorous testing will the final product be shipped out.

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