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Porta-King Builds Sports Towers for Texas A&M

Texas A&M

Porta-King is no stranger to providing prefabricated solutions to meet a school’s needs. So when Texas A&M was concerned with the safety of their video crews and coaches while they were filming football games, Porta-King was more than happy to address their concerns.

Making Filming for Video Crews Safer

Historically, video crews would have to utilize a scissor lift to get an overhead view of the playing field and put down plywood planks to move the lift from place to place. This method was considered unsafe and thus, a new, safer way of filming was needed.

Porta-King had already provided storage mezzanines for Texas A&M’s Kyle Field, so the school was familiar with our work. The video director at A&M began the process based on sports towers Porta-King had provided at the University of Georgia. The two sports towers installed at Texas A&M are 32 feet high and over-look the football practice fields.

This project allowed the video director to have people in both towers recording everything on both fields without having to utilize the scissor, creating a much safer platform for the film crew to work on.

Quick, Efficient Construction with Customization

In anticipation of football season or even any time during it, Porta-King can install the typical sports tower in a day or two. This fast construction allows crews and other personnel to access the towers as soon as possible so they can do their jobs safely.

The towers feature a balcony overlooking the practice fields with a custom color roof that matches Texas A&M’s school colors. Porta-King’s custom coloring uses a polyurethane acrylic paint that is very durable and can resist harsh weather conditions like rain and snow.

Rigid Framework Offers Protection to Crews & Audiences

In more seismic-heavy areas or areas prone to severe storms, Porta-King’s sports towers are designed to withstand these conditions and keep the surrounding area safe. For additional safety, Porta-King’s sports towers include:

  • Guard rails
  • Internal stairs
  • Certified concrete foundation designs

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