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Porta-King Designs New Work Environment for Scott AFB

Scott AFB

Porta-King has designed new office space for Scott Air Force Base (SAFB) to merge an entire department that was relocating from another building. This unique project required Porta-King to work within the support structure of a very old building to create the mezzanine bays and modular offices required for the new space.

Reusing Older Buildings Reduced Overall Cost

Mezzanines can be installed in buildings at a fraction of the cost and time it would need to build new space. Since there was enough usable ceiling space available in a pre-existing building, there was no need for SAFB to build an entirely new structure to accommodate the move. Instead, they retrofitted with new modular offices and mezzanines and saved Scott Air Force Base the cost of building from scratch. Since all of Porta-King’s modular offices are designed to be energy efficient, the overall cost of running them will be reduced.

Precise Measurements Optimized Spaces Efficiently

SAFB needed to merge new office space into an older building in order to accommodate their relocated department. Given the limited area Porta-King had to work with, we took precise measurements and took advantage of the building’s height to assure everything that needed to move fit properly.

Often, ceiling space goes unused in large buildings like warehouses because when new space is needed, many people tend to think outwards, not upwards. Mezzanines and elevated modular offices help optimize spaces and put that unused ceiling space to use. Mezzanines can be designed in a way that works with the available space, be it “L” shaped or rectangular.

Elevation Created Additional Storage Space

Five mezzanine bays were constructed within the confines of the main building’s support structure and three modular offices were designed to fit on three of the bays end to end. As a result, the elevated modular offices created valuable storage space under them. Additional storage was added to the extra space on top of the remaining two mezzanine bays.

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