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Porta-King Installs Modular Room for U.S. Customs

modular room at us customs

When products like fruits and vegetables are shipped into port, they need to be inspected to make sure they comply with USDA regulations. Inspection is important to prevent the importing of illegal goods and the spread of exotic pests, which can devastate the native ecosystem.

That’s why Porta-King installed a CES modular room designed for inspecting fruits and vegetables coming in to Port Philadelphia.

Customizations for Durability & Security

This important US customs inspection room was designed to be 17 x 18 with a four wall fiberglass reinforced panel (FRP) interior. FRP walls were selected for the interior because this material is an FDA approved surface for food applications. It is easy to clean, very durable, and is color fast, so it hides any scratches that may occur.

We also utilized modular wiring, which is a fast, flexible solution to traditional fixed wiring. That way, the customer can easily change the wiring should their needs and the layout of the room change. The addition of Batt insulation also helps ensure that the cleanroom is soundproof, allowing customs officials to do their job without distractions. Mechanical push button locksets help improve security to the modular room by giving the customer a way to easily change lock combinations without the need to replace the entire lock

Customer Satisfaction from Quick Installation & Flexible Design

In their design, the customer wanted something that could be constructed fast and could be easily moved as the operation grew. This flexibility would not have been possible with traditional construction, which is more permanent. As a result, the customer was very happy with the speed of the install.

On-site Representatives Ensured Quality Product

Porta-King provided a turnkey solution by providing on-site support prior to the sale to identify the customer’s needs and create a layout design. We provided installation of the materials and engineering calculations to confirm the structural integrity of the design.

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