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Porta-King Builds Amazon Fulfillment Center Team Rooms

amazon fulfillment center team rooms

Amazon Fulfillment Centers are by no means small. With over 90 locations worldwide, the largest can easily fit 28 football fields. With such large facilities, it’s important that the teams have a quiet and productive place to work. That’s why Porta-King once again teamed up with Amazon in Eastvale, California to install modular wall partitions for improved team rooms.

A Quiet Place for Team Meetings

At Amazon, team rooms are an important space that provides a quiet place to gather for either work breaks or team meetings. As such, we provided this Fulfillment Center with two 8 foot high modular wall partitions furnished and installed as team rooms.

The first team room measured 17 feet wide by 94 feet long for two walls tied into, and taking advantage of, two existing walls within the facility. The second measured 17 feet wide by 41 feet long for a four wall standalone team room. We also utilized Porta-King 3 inch thick Versa-King wall design that includes a prefinished vinyl covered drywall panel surface.

Expand Operations Quickly

The modular nature of wall partitions means that the panelized product can easily be relocated, reconfigured, and expanded. The modular nature of this construction also allows for expanding the complex in a day with minimal disruption. Weeks after this complex was installed, Amazon decided it needed to enlarge one of the team rooms as well as subdivide it, and were easily able to do so.

Eliminate Construction Debris & Downtime

This expansion was accomplished by simply rearranging the existing panels. No demolition of walls was required which is common when modifying structures comprised of drywall construction. The Amazon Fulfillment Center chose our modular construction so they could easily retrofit their existing structures that require the addition of new work environments.

In addition, Amazon likes that our product can be installed very quickly compared with conventional construction, which minimizes disruption to their busy work space. We can also eliminate dust and debris associated with conventional construction.

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