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Title 24 Brings Changes to Modular Construction in California

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California has recently made changes to its Code of Regulations that can affect how construction projects are governed in the state. Also known as Title 24, this regulation is a relatively new set of code guidelines that governs the energy efficiency of both new and updated homes and commercial buildings.

As a company who specializes in modular construction that services the entire country, we are naturally curious about how it will affect the industry. Here’s what you should know:

Title 24 & Building Requirements

Overall, Title 24 has had an impact on how we here at Porta-King design our buildings that will ship to California. We suspect that some form of this new code will begin to creep eastward to other parts of the country.

Mechanically, Title 24 involves making sure that new and remodeled buildings meet an energy envelope. Regarding Porta-King Building’s products, this results in the requirement confirming an insulation envelope which includes:

  • Walls
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Ceiling
  • Roof structure
New Glazing Requirements

New glazing requirements will vary between modular (interior) and prefabricated (exterior) product applications, with exterior exposure having more demanding building requirements than interior. In order for an exterior building to meet Title 24 requirements, insulation values must be higher than what is required for inside. The reason being, inside applications are installed in areas that already have conditioned air, reducing the need for more insulation

For modular applications, the ratio of insulated windows to surface area of the building comes into play due to the use of aluminum framing since aluminum conducts temperature changes more readily than other building materials like drywall or insulation. Because Title 24 calculates the energy envelope of the entire structure, or the separator between conditioned and unconditioned environments, construction materials with higher insulating values or energy efficiencies are required to compensate.

Title 24 Promotes Sustainable Construction

Despite the new requirements, there are benefits to Title 24. . For example, with changes in the California Electrical Code, modular and prefabricated buildings now need to come with LED light fixtures and occupancy sensor switches. This requirement helps ensure that new and remodeled buildings are more energy efficient and sustainable.

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