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Porta-King Offers Customized Guard Towers to Prisons and Military Bases

With safety and security at the forefront, prisons and military bases need observational guard towers to monitor what goes on from day to day. These towers contribute to securing the premises, and are essential to the overall protection of the property.

Porta-King, a St. Louis-based manufacturer of pre-engineered structures has recently completed work on several customized guard towers for several prisons and military bases.

Porta-King’s, PK Structures, customized towers have been utilized along the perimeter of prison grounds, and to monitor range practice and fighter pilot training at a number of military bases. Porta-King has also completed similar guard tower projects for the FBI and local police departments.

For each job, Porta-King was able to provide detailed drawings for approval and on-site review prior to the fabrications of the towers. This design consultation service and installation is available anywhere in the U.S.

According to Porta-King Vice President Gregg Pearlstone, every guard tower is custom designed to meet the exact application specifications.

Another advantage that Porta-King can offer customers is the supply of prefabricated steel or anodized aluminum buildings to shelter personnel and the equipment on top of the observation tower. “As one of the largest manufacturers of prefabricated guard booths, we can supply a turn-key guard tower project. We take complete responsibility for the fit and finish of the entire project,” Pearlstone said.

The experts at Porta-King have designed pre-engineered structures for decades, and are happy to create a customized design plan to meet any specifications. Unlike many competitors’ systems, Porta-King’s PK Structures guard towers utilize a “truly” prefabricated design. All clips and angles used to assemble our towers are welded onto the appropriate structural steel components at our factory. This greatly enhances the on-site assembly time when compared to other similar structures.

Porta-King’s guard towers are constructed utilizing all steel components and can be painted with a durable polyurethane acrylic paint or an optional galvanized steel finish to resist corrosion. The structures are designed in strict compliance with the 2006 International Building Code, and will meet wind and seismic requirements for the area they will be installed.

Porta-King has been a leader in custom-designed prefabricated construction solutions since 1969. In addition to a full line of guard towers, Porta-King manufactures a wide variety of modular buildings used for interior applications such as in-plant offices, break rooms, conference rooms, computer rooms, equipment enclosures. They also provide preassembled buildings for use as guard booths, parking booths, smoking shelters, turnstile shelters and countless other exterior applications. Porta-King’s pre-fabricated building systems provide shelter, storage and security solutions for virtually any working environment. For more information, visit the company on-line at www.portaking.com or call 800-284-5346.

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