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Durasteel ES Shelter Protects Fuel Blending Equipment at Pilot Stations

Pilot Station

For truck stops that blend their own fuel and ethanol on site, protecting the blending equipment is of the utmost importance. They prevent equipment failure and poorly mixed fuel blends that could lead to regulatory fines and possibly cause damage to equipment and vehicles. With that in mind, Durasteel ES equipment shelters installed at Pilot truck stops throughout the continental United States provide shelter for blending equipment.

Protecting the Delicate Blending Process from Outside Sources

Creating fuel blends for vehicles is a precise process that requires the right ratio of fuel and ethanol. To prevent mistakes or accidents, equipment needs to be protected from:

  • The elements
  • Vandalism
  • Employees who are not certified to handle the equipment

Porta-King’s Durasteel ES equipment shelter can be designed to protect fuel blenders from these accidents. The roof of the Durasteel ES is gabled to resist snow build up, especially in areas of the country that are susceptible to heavy snows. That way, the roof over the equipment won’t cave in due to heavy snow and ruin the equipment. They can also be secured with a lock for additional security to prevent possible break-ins and ensure only qualified employees have access to the equipment.

Equipment Shelters Come Ready-to-Use

The durable steel construction of the Durasteel ES equipment shelter means that the building is shipped to the site completely assembled and ready for immediate use. Since the units don’t include floor structures, stations can easily customize their shelter and install it over existing equipment. The Durasteel ES also includes integral lifting lugs on all four corners to enhance the ease of installation or relocation. If stations ever find the need to relocate their equipment, they won’t have to worry about building a whole new equipment shelter.

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