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Porta-King Supplies Solutions for Laser Manufacturing Industry

ST LOUIS, MO– In the laser manufacturing industry, operator and plant safety is a critical concern. Because of the danger and risk associated with this type of work environment, it becomes a top priority to protect workers and expensive equipment should any type of malfunction occur.

Porta-King Building Systems recently supplied custom laser enclosure cells to an automotive plant building a new concept vehicle. The laser system utilizes two robots which will feed assembly lines within the Porta-King enclosure cell.

This specific laser system will be used to build doors for an electric concept vehicle. The Porta-King enclosures will be helpful in sheltering the plant workers that are directly involved with the assembly process.

According to Porta-King Vice President, Gregg Pearlstone, “What makes Porta-King’s modular solutions so distinct are the specific application requirements that we can meet. Porta-King can provide on-site service and a turn-key installation for both design and fabrication. If there are any re-design needs, Porta-King can gladly step in and provide assistance quickly.”

While conventionally built wall systems can require significant time and money, Porta-King has consistently been able to provide modular wall solutions for a fraction of the time and cost of these methods. This can mean upwards of a 50% time savings when using a modular design.

Porta-King’s pre-fabricated building systems provide shelter, storage and security solutions for virtually any working environment. And to further demonstrate their commitment to providing unmatched quality and service, Porta-King Building Systems offer the best warranties in the industries on all their products.

Porta-King has been a leader in custom-designed prefabricated construction solutions since 1969. In addition to modular laser enclosures, Porta-King manufactures a wide variety of other modular buildings for interior applications such as in-plant offices, break rooms, conference rooms, computer rooms, equipment enclosures. They also provide preassembled buildings for use as guard booths, parking booths, smoking shelters, turnstile shelters and countless other exterior applications. Porta-King’s pre-fabricated building systems provide shelter, storage and security solutions for virtually any working environment. For more information, visit the company on-line at www.portaking.com or call 800-284-5346.
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