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Prefabricated Towers Protect Endangered Species & Turbines

Duke Energy Tower

Prefabricated buildings can contribute to sustainability in more ways than one. As the United States invests more in green energy, it is crucial to prepare wind farms to reduce environmental impact. One of the most important prevention tactics keeps protected bird species from crashing into spinning wind turbines. Wind farms can help accomplish this by using technology and staff in prefabricated observation towers.Porta-King recently helped two wind farms using prefabricated towers that prevent turbines from harming birds.

Bald Eagles in Glenrock, Wyoming

Though a national symbol, the bald eagle has struggled to maintain a healthy population ever since it was declared endangered in 1967. The bald eagle was removed from the endangered species list in 2007, but there are still protective laws to preserve their population.

Glenrock, Wyoming is home to both wind farms and eagle migrations. They required a thirty foot prefabricated observation tower to house personnel who are responsible for monitoring the perimeter. Using sensitive equipment in the observation tower, wind farm staff can detect incoming birds and temporarily stop the turbines in their path.

The Glenrock wind farm’s prefabricated tower was composed of:

  • A duraluminum booth shipped fully assembled and ready to use
  • Galvanized steel legs

Both of these products resist rust and corrosion caused by harsh weather conditions, which will lead to years of trouble-free service. The structure was completed within three days.

Condors in Mojave, California

The Californian Condor is one of the largest flying birds in the world and can live up to forty years. Unfortunately, their current population rests around 440 birds, with only 225 in the wild. To prevent these majestic endangered birds from encountering wind turbines, wind farms in Mojave California have made efforts to stop turbines in time using a similar method to the wind farms in Glenrock, WY.

The Mojave wind farm required a ten foot tall prefabricated tower to house biologists responsible for monitoring Condor flight paths. Porta-King provided a Durasteel building complete with stairs and a landing for an observation deck.

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