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Customized Equipment Shelters Provide Safety and Durability

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When you’re looking to safeguard and protect your equipment from weather, theft and even regular wear and tear, invest in a durable equipment shelter from Porta-King. Our products are delivered onsite, preassembled and ready for installation.

Maybe one of the most important functions of an equipment shelter is safety. Vandalism is a very real threat and it’s crucial to have a sound structure to house your expensive and valuable equipment for years to come. Our durable steel framework with industrial grade acrylic enamel ensures the longevity of each product.

Not all equipment shelters are created equal. At Porta-King we understand that different clients have different needs and there’s not a ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to these shelters. For example, some clients may prefer an open structure design where doorways and the lower 20% of the walls are left open for quick and easy access along with cross ventilation. If security or weather is a concern, a client may choose a fully enclosed design for added protection. The point is, no matter what your specifications or requirements, Porta-King can design a structure that’s both safe and flexible to fit your needs.

There’s more to an equipment shelter than you may think. For added convenience, there are a variety of upgrades and accessories that can be included to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the structure.  We can add lighting and electrical systems (including explosion proof rated components), heating and air conditioning, ventilation systems and custom cabinetry.  Ballistic rated construction is also available for applications in high-risk environments.  We also can provide a long list of custom exterior finishes, which include custom paint applications, aggregate, brick veneers and many more.

To see these structures for yourself, visit our Equipment Shelter photo gallery. These are just a few of the many products we have manufactured for customers just like you. With these and all of our products, Porta-King is committed to customer satisfaction and ensuring that our product matches your specifications and meets all of your needs.

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