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Get Flexibility and Convenience with Inplant Offices

A well-lit warehouse interior showing a two-level inplant office space with glass windows and yellow safety railings, surrounded by industrial shelves stocked with boxes and supplies.

We understand the importance of having key staff members on-site at manufacturing operations. Moving these employees closer to the assembly floor can not only cut costs but also increase interaction and boost communication, resulting in higher profitability.

Inplant offices offer the opportunity to utilize your current space and quickly add an office within the existing building. All of our units include prefabricated components that assembly easily into a complete structure.  All of these components ship pre-cut and ready for immediate use so there is no on-site fabrication and all materials are reusable. The hassles associated with new construction, including but not limited to  coordinating different trades, delays and disruption to daily work routines along with the dust and debris associated with conventional construction, make our flexible and easy to install modular inplant offices the smart solution when there is a need for additional space.

The flexible design allows for easy moving and modification with 100% recapture of initial material investment. These units can be single story or stacked to create a two or three story inplant office complex. We recognize the need for uniformity but we also understand that some client needs may be unique. That’s why each unit is custom designed to meet project requirements.

The durable construction holds up in even the harshest plant environments. But these units are also attractive and contemporary with pre-finished panel surfaces that are easy to clean and maintain. Porta-King offers seven standard panel colors along with color match options where posts and framing blend seamlessly with white, beige or gray panel finishes. The solid, insulated wall construction offers great insulation and is more impact resistant than open cavity walls used for stick and drywall construction.

You can view photos of our products in the inplant office photo gallery. If after browsing, you don’t see a structure to suit your needs, let us know. We would be happy to custom design a unit to meet your requirements. Porta-King also offers design assistance on-site and turnkey installation services through our nationwide network of representatives.

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