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Guard Houses Help Make Hospitals Safer for Employees & Patients

Guard House

Guard houses aren’t just for military bases or manufacturing. They are also a much needed addition to hospitals in order to ensure the safety of both staff and guests. Security for hospitals is a fine balance between public safety and keeping the hospital open and welcoming.

Manage Guests & Vendors

Hospitals get a lot of visitors in the form of family and friends coming to see a loved one who is recovering there. Not to mention vendors bringing in supplies. In light of that, the hospital needs to remain open while managing this extra flow of people.

While it may seem easy to let visitors roam freely, it is not a safe option for your hospital’s staff and patients. There have been incidents where visitors have come into the hospital and attacked others or caused disturbances.

Having guard houses to house security at your hospital will help increase the safety of employees and patients, as well as other visitors. With security at hand, guests can be checked in and their whereabouts monitored.

Keep Employees & Patients Safe

By installing guard houses at your hospital in strategic locations like parking, you can rest assured that your employees and the patients they are serving will be safe. When visitors park in the car park or vendors come through, the guard house at the entrance will be able to track who is coming and going.

Guard houses in hospital parking will also help ensure that the vehicles of guests and employees are not broken into or vandalized. By having visitors enter past a guard house, persons who are not supposed to be there will be minimized.

Meet Your Practical & Aesthetic Needs

Porta-King’s prefabricated guard booths can be designed to meet not only your aesthetic needs, but ballistic and electrical needs as well. All of Porta-King’s prefabricated buildings arrive pre-built, meaning they can be installed in only a matter of time without interrupting your hospital’s crucial work flow. And should you ever need to move your guard house to a new location, it can be easily taken off of its base and moved to the desired location.

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