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Keeping Valuable Construction Equipment Safe On The Job Site

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Theft is unfortunately common on construction job sites, and it results in thousands of dollars lost for contractors every year. The most common thefts include:

To prevent the theft of valuable construction equipment on your job site, there are several ways to secure the site:

Improve Security & Keep Accurate Records

You can reduce instances of theft on the job site by following a few basic rules:

  • Keep the site well lit, especially at night, to deter thieves. If possible, hiring security guards to patrol the site at night can add an extra layer of security.
  • Only order what you need, as you need it in order to prevent excess supplies from lying around the site.
  • Keep good records to ensure there is a paper trail of what was ordered, when it was ordered, when it arrived, what the equipment or supplies were used for, etc. That way, in case of theft, you will be able to accurately account for what is missing.

Install Equipment Shelters

Installing prefabricated equipment shelters will help reduce theft by providing a safe, secure place to store equipment and supplies. These portable buildings can be locked and accessed only by a select few. Plus, since equipment shelters are portable, they can easily be moved from site to site, saving you time and money.

Enforce Sign-In/Sign-Out Policies

Another way to keep your construction equipment safe on the job site is to enforce strict sign-in/sign-out policies for workers and contractors. That way, you know who is entering and leaving the site at all times. This policy also helps ensure that workers do not leave the site with stolen materials or equipment.

While you cannot prevent all incidents of theft from the job site, taking additional precautions can end up saving you thousands in potential losses by keeping your construction equipment and materials safe.

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