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5 Cost-Effective Tips for Improved Property Security

Observation Tower

Security on your property — be it a hospital, hotel, warehouse, or government building — is of the utmost importance in keeping employees, visitors, and equipment safe. Here are five cost-effective ways you can improve the security of your property:

Range Towers for a Wider View

When you have a site like an outdoor firing range or military base, the safety and security of visitors and employees must be top priority. Range towers offer a 360-degree view of the surrounding area, so guards or employees can keep an eye out for unauthorized persons.

On firing ranges, both civilian and military, this is an especially important feature since personnel need to be able to see if someone is on the field so they can shut down operations. In doing so, they can prevent any accidents.

Guard Booths Prevent Unauthorized Entry

Guard booths are one of the main points of security when guests come onto your property. There, security guards can check visitors in and out, inspect bags, and efficiently perform their security duties. Raising security in this way will not only keep employees and guests safe, but also helps reduce theft.

Vestibules Increase Entrance Security

Ensuring the entrance to your building is secure keeps out unwanted visitors, which keeps occupants inside safe. That is why vestibules are a good choice in helping regulate traffic flow into your building. With double-door entry, optional security pads and additional exterior lighting, you can see who is coming into your building or prevent unauthorized entry altogether.

Equipment Enclosures Keep Equipment Safe

If you have equipment out in the open on your property, it is at risk of being damaged or stolen. Equipment enclosures can help reduce this risk by providing a secure place to put valuable equipment, such as:

Regulate Traffic with Parking Booths

If your property has a parking lot, investing in a prefabricated parking booth will help improve the security of those lots. Attendants can monitor the entry and exit of pedestrians and vehicles, reduce thefts or assaults, and generally keep guests or employees safe as they walk to and from their vehicles.

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