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Storage Mezzanines

Is your building losing storage space for supplies and equipment and you feel you need to expand in order to accommodate everything? Storage mezzanines offer a great solution for creating a new area for storage without losing any existing floor space. Any facility that needs to improve efficiencies by improving organizing can benefit. This includes manufacturing and distribution facilities, hospitals, hotels, hangars and more.

Utilize Ceiling Space to Create New Storage Areas

You want your business to grow, but sometimes growth and progress can come at a very sudden pace. When your capacity begins to outgrow your present means, expansion or relocation may not be immediately viable, nor the most optimal solution.

Utilizing Porta-King’s storage mezzanines and platform systems can create new storage options by building up and repurposing unused air space. The mezzanine system is constructed with structural steel framework designed to support raised platforms that create safe, secure space above your existing floor.

Factories where floor plans are typically dedicated to large machines and stores of materials often don’t consider valuable vertical space, and when you consider the other options of expansion or relocation, building up with storage mezzanines is the cost and time effective solution your business needs.

Storage mezzanine platforms allow you to create new areas above your workspace without the need to construct entirely new areas of your building. Since you will be utilizing unused ceiling space, you can continue to use the space underneath for personnel and equipment.

Storage Mezzanines Video Gallery

Porta-King structural steel mezzanines are a cost efficient way to easily create additional space for storage or manufacturing by utilizing existing ceiling space inside new or existing buildings. Additional floor space is created by going up, not out, saving you the considerable cost of new construction. The prefabricated design also saves time since all components arrive prefabricated and ready for immediate installation.

Unlike many of our competitors, we’ll supply you with a truly prefabricated mezzanine system. All of our connecting hardware is pre-welded onto the structural components prior to shipping. Many of our competitors call their mezzanines prefabricated, but that just means the various components used to construct their mezzanines are prefabricated prior to shipping. Unlike a Porta-King mezzanine, this doesn’t always mean these components arrive welded to the structural components and ready to be mechanically fastened together.

This video demonstrates the speed in which our mezzanines can be installed. This 18′ wide by 48′ long mezzanine, including our single piece, sectional guard rail was completed by a two man crew in just 2 days.

Note the ease with which our 6′ wide sliding gate operates. Heavy-duty steel construction ensures years of trouble free service. Other mezzanine gate options are also available.

Fast, Safe Construction Saves You Time & Money

Prior to shipping, our storage mezzanines are designed in-house by our engineers, which enables us to ship pre-engineered structural components to you that are ready for installation, thereby reducing the cost of construction and giving you a truly prefabricated mezzanine. By quickly and safely constructed off site, we reduce disruption to the workplace and save you time and money.

All of Porta-King’s storage mezzanines are constructed to fit your needs and are IBC compliant. Storage platforms are all constructed with:

  • Guard railings to prevent accidental falls, increasing worker safety.
  • Customized structural design to ensure that the structure’s load bearing capabilities will fit the desired use. Our professional design team will help you design your storage platform.
  • Seismic-Resistant Design to improve the structures stability and resistance to heavy loads and seismic conditions.

Browse our storage mezzanine construction options for a more detailed look into your future storage platform.

Storage Mezzanines

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Storage Mezzanines

Design & Construction Options

Our mezzanine systems are designed to create highly functional space anywhere inside your facility. The pre-engineered components that we provide to construct our mezzanines are designed to be easy to install so your down time in the area of construction is dramatically reduced when compared to conventional construction. Porta-King Mezzanines are constructed of the highest quality american materials to provide the most durable structures that will provide years of trouble free service.