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A Vertical Solution for a Distribution Center in Need of Office Space


Sometimes the space you need isn’t horizontal, it’s vertical. That’s no problem for Porta-King! We can help you recapture real estate in your facility with modular and mezzanine solutions. 

We recently helped Snow Joe Distribution and North Point Development by creating elevated office space. Our solid-steel mezzanine gave them the room, the view, and the safety features they demanded for their warehouse.

Porta-King Builds Safe Mezzanines for 360 Degree Views of Your Facility

North Point’s new tenant, Snow Joe Distribution, needed an elevated office space with a view of the warehouse floor and the main shipping and receiving docks. Their must-haves included: 

  • Guard rails to protect the main office and restroom area
  • A safe, protected walkway 
  • An office with wrap-around windows for a 360 degree view

Porta-King delivered with a sturdy mezzanine that gave Snow Joe all the space they needed.

The final structure featured stairs and landings on two sides with a railed deck that wrapped around three sides of a modular office. The office was equipped with windows all around, so workers could keep an eye on the warehouse below. A floor level guardrail created a safe walkway around the main office area and restroom. And the entire structure was installed quickly, with minimal disruption to normal operations.

Code Compliant Structures that Meet Your Application Needs

All Porta-King’s modular platforms are IBC compliant and are fitted to your desired application to ensure safety and reliability. Our modular steel mezzanines offer:

  • Guard railings on the platform and staircases that are factory welded in sections to enable faster field installation. 
  • Gusseted type 3 connections to improve the modular structure’s stability and resistance even under seismic conditions.
  • Seamless integration with other modular products to ensure optimal fit and function.

We know how important it is to provide your team with functional spaces in a short timeline. That’s why the engineers at Porta-King build durable modular solutions designed to fit your schedule and your budget.

Explore our Ready-to-Ship Modular and Mezzanine Solutions

For industries looking for cost-effective ways to expand, Porta-King products offer space-saving solutions. We’re happy to help you build a mezzanine or other modular product for your facility. Contact us for more information.

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