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Modular Offices Offer a Safe & Affordable Space for Military Personnel

Military Office

Modular offices aren’t just for the corporate environment. In the busy military world, having a reliable and affordable option for housing military personnel is a great way for them to get their work done efficiently. Before you begin to design your modular office for use in your military building, it is important that you consider the building conditions beforehand. In doing so, you can determine if any systems need to be upgraded so they can run at their most efficient.

Sound Proof Walls Protect Hearing & Increase Productivity

In a military environment, it is no secret that it can get very noisy. Without proper hearing protection, military personnel can suffer from hearing loss.

In noisy area like a hangar, having a place where military personnel can work without being exposed to loud noises is important for not only productivity, but health. For such an occasion, Porta-King’s modular offices can be designed with sound-proof wall systems to reduce workplace noise.

Affordable Construction Options

With limited federal funds, it’s important to stick to a budget, but in doing so you don’t have to sacrifice quality. All of Porta-King’s modular offices are built with components that have been manufactured off-site at our plant. It is then that the pieces are brought to the site and assembled. Because there is no need for multiple contractors like in traditional construction, it is much more budget-friendly. The components are also made from reusable materials, making any reconstruction easy and affordable.

Flexible Construction for Changing Spaces

In busy military structures, optimizing space is critical for the success of operations. Should you ever need to re-organize your space, `modular offices allow for an easy redesign. Unlike traditional construction, modular offices don’t need to be torn down and rebuilt from scratch. Modular offices are a great permanent solution for your military buildings. Because of the quality of the materials used and Porta-King’s dedication to bringing the most reliable solutions to the military, you can rest assured that you are getting the best.

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