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Modular Wall Partitions for Better Use of Space

Modular Wall Partitions

Large manufacturing facilities often suffer from having too much open space.  Such large spaces can make for cavernous work environments that are not conducive to getting work done.  Modular wall partitions can be used to help tune out distractions and make for a dedicated workspace inside even the largest of factories.

No matter what size facility you have, Porta-King offers modular wall partitions in any dimension to fit the needs of a particular space. These walls can be easily and quickly installed, resulting in little downtime, no cleanup and minimal disruption to daily work. This also means significant cost savings, as opposed to the mess, hassle and expense of traditional construction.

Another major benefit to modular wall partitions is that they can be easily redesigned and reconfigured depending on particular needs. While permanent walls will force a space to remain configured in one particular pattern, walls from Porta-King can be easily moved to adapt to whatever needs may arise.  In fact, should these walls need to be redesigned, Porta-King can come and redesign them even if no additional materials are required.  Many former clients have needed to rearrange these walls and were able to do so with little to no hassle.

The solid insulating core of our wall systems creates a highly impact resistant surface.  Especially when compared to conventional drywall construction utilizing either a hollow cavity or one with blanket type insulation. Flexibility allows moving or modification with a 100% recapture of original material purchase. All of our modular wall partitions offer great sound attenuating qualities, as well. Special panel compositions are available for especially noisy environments.

With over 100 years in the modular building business, Porta-King has the experience and knowledge to handle all design requirements.  No matter the location or complexity of the project, Porta-King can assemble these walls to the exact specifications of a given space. Whether it is the standard size or the extra tall wall design, Porta-King will make sure these walls fit perfectly in any space.

Contact Porta-King today for more information. Our free on-site support includes site evaluation, site measurements, and installation support both before and after the sale.

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