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Outfit the New Wing at Your Hospital with Modular Walls

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With plans for a newly constructed hospital wing underway, a host of questions will arise. Namely, what kind of walls should they be outfitted with? Should you choose traditional walls or spring for modular? Modular walls come with many benefits that will help your hospital operate better.

Promote Staff & Patient Health

For the health of patients and staff, it’s very important that hospitals remain clean—especially during construction. Debris and dust from traditional construction can have adverse health effects like pneumoconiosis, or “dusty lung.” Even after traditional construction is long over, harmful construction dust can still hang around.

Modular walls can help keep your hospital clean and safe since they are delivered to the site ready to install with minimal mess. If you choose to rearrange the wing, the walls can be easily removed and replaced without the need to tear them down and build new.

Stay within Your Budget

It’s important for hospitals be able to meet their budget so they can focus on giving quality care to their patients. Modular walls are an affordable and sustainable solution that can be easily remodeled and will last for years with minimal maintenance. This flexibility and sturdiness means that your hospital won’t need to worry about going over budget if you need to remodel or a component breaking down.

Easily Control the Environment

Modular walls also have the added benefit of allowing you to take control of the wing’s environment like humidity and temperature. The insulating cores of our modular walls helps you maintain the temperature of a room, which will save on energy costs and keep your hospital’s patients, staff, and visitors comfortable.

Keeping the temperature and humidity of your hospital controlled is also important in preventing the growth of organisms like fungi and bacteria. By keeping the growth of these organisms controlled, you are protecting the health and safety of everyone who comes to your hospital.

Reduce Noise in Your Hospital

Installing modular walls in your hospital can also help keep your hospital quiet, which both staff and patients will appreciate. Modular walls can help reduce noise in your hospital with soundproofing options like acoustic panels. With a quieter hospital, staff can easily communicate with each other and patients can get the much deserved rest they need in a peaceful environment.

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