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How to Prevent Unauthorized Entry & Theft at Sporting Events

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Theft and unauthorized entry to sports facilities during sporting events is a common problem, and can cost facilities thousands of dollars in damages. To prevent these events from happening, sports facilities can take several measures to protect the area and the possessions of guests and players.

Educate Your Employees

Employees of your sports facility are an important resource in preventing unauthorized entry and theft. They can monitor the comings and goings of visitors and report any suspicious activity. Educate your employees about the rules and regulations regarding security and safety at the facility. That way, they can easily communicate to each other if a situation arises and handle unauthorized entry and theft professionally.

Place Guard Booths at Entrances

Placing a guard booth at the primary entrances to your facility will help stem the flow of unauthorized entry during sporting events. There, personnel can scan tickets and check bags of visitors to make sure that they can enter. With the addition of security cameras and better lighting, guard booths can be even more effective at thwarting unauthorized entry.

Install Security Cameras

Installing cameras in public spaces and areas that are off-limits to visitors like the entryways to locker rooms can greatly reduce the impact of theft and unauthorized entry. Security cameras tend to have a psychological impact on people in that they are less likely to commit a crime if they believe they are being watched. Putting up signs in and around your sports facility can go a long way to deter unwanted entry and possible theft.

Restrict Access to Locker Rooms

Locker rooms see the highest rates of theft since there is often little monitoring and no security cameras. As such, restricting access to these areas to team members and coaches can reduce theft. For greater control of who can and cannot enter locker rooms, install an ID reader that members must use to unlock the door.

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