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Porta-King is Giving Back with Modular Building

Modular Building

Happy Holidays! This year, we’d like to look back on all the ways modular building has helped both our customers and the world we live in (and the ways Porta-King in particular has contributed). As far as we can tell, this last year has been a big success between benefits to:

  • Our customers
  • The environment

Giving Back to Customers

Modular offices are faster and more affordable to build than traditionally constructed offices. By investing in a modular building, you are saving both time and money to be used however you see fit from Christmas presents to investing in a green office environment.

Free Redesign From Porta-King

When you choose a Porta-King modular building, you become our customer for life. If you ever need to redesign your modular office, Porta-King will do the labor for free, even if there are not additional materials needed. This service can save the average customer thousands of dollars during the renovation process.

Giving Back to the Environment

Modular buildings are inherently green due to their reusable materials and components. However, it takes some extra steps to ensure that these offices stay green throughout their time on the factory floor.

Applying Sustainable Practices

The key to sustainable construction and office living is efficiency: How are you getting the most for what you give? We apply sustainable construction practices by creating pre-cut, pre-engineered components that lead to cleaner jobsites.

Keeping the Public Informed

While ignorance breeds contempt, knowledge leads to better solutions. The best way to improve the construction industry is to keep the people informed of the strides we’ve been making. At Porta-King, we strive to bring you the latest in sustainable news and technology, from the effects of different types of construction waste to the future of 3D printed buildings.

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