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How to Make Your Modular Office Greener

Modular Office

You’ve taken a step in the right direction by choosing a sustainable design for your modular office. Maybe your building has even acquired an LEED certification. However, there are still steps you can take to make sure your modular office is as earth-friendly as possible, including:

  • Preventing indoor air pollution
  • Implementing green internal practices

Improving Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality—particularly on a manufacturing floor—is often worse than outdoor air. Prolonged exposure too poor indoor air can lead to occupant health problems. In addition, indoor air quality is an environmental concern, especially during demolition or remodeling. A modular office can be a sanctuary from the chaos and atmosphere of the surrounding building. To truly accomplish this, consider:

These basic steps will improve your modular office’s air quality in the short and long term.

Practice Makes Perfect: Green Office Practices

Not all sustainable features are structural. Many green offices stay that way by practicing environmentally healthy habits.

Recycling All Possible Materials

Even if most of your business is run paperless, there are many recyclable items in the average modular office. If your city doesn’t provide recycling services, consider hiring a private company.

Using CFL Lights Correctly

CFL bulbs are a wonderful and energy-efficient alternative for lighting the workplace. However, if your modular office lights run on sensors or timers, be sure to talk to the controls manufacturer to see it they are compatible with CFL bulbs. Many are designed for incandescent bulbs and CFLs may damage the electrical system. Additionally, avoid using enclosed fixtures with CFLs as they are sensitive to temperatures. An open fixture or lamp are the best places to use CFL bulbs.

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