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How to Prepare Civilian Security Guards for Their New Position

Guard Booths

There are many rules and regulations to training civilian security guards for positions guarding military facilities. Here are some things you need to do to prepare civilian guards who do not have any prior military training and are new to the job. Despite their simplicity, these training measures are no less important for the efficient and safe operation of your facility.

Give Them Field Training

Before a civilian security guard is charged with the important task of guarding a military facility, they must undergo field training where they will be taught how to handle and conduct themselves in situations like:

  • Attempted unauthorized access to facility grounds
  • Active shooter training
  • Building checks

Field training will also help prepare them by making sure they are physically fit and are up to the task before them.

Explain Proper Guard Booth Etiquette

When civilian security guards are inside their guard booths, they must know how to act and work within it. For example, the guard booth is a place of business, not leisure, so civilian guards need to be aware of their surroundings at all times. They also need to know how the equipment inside of it works like:

  • Communications
  • Security monitors
  • Gate control

Since guard booths are operated 24/7, civilian guards will need to learn how to adapt to a new schedule that may require them to work late hours. Luckily, guard booths can be equipped with amenities like restrooms to make guard duty more comfortable.

Teach Them How to Efficiently Use Resources

Civilian security guards need to learn to efficiently use the resources that are provided to them. With reduced waste, your military facility stays on budget and won’t have to replace equipment and other resources due to negligence or misuse. An example of efficiently using resources would be not leaving on lights that are not needed, e.g. in the bathroom when it is not being used. Doing so will not only save on energy costs, but is greener.

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