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Change Your In-Plant Office to Increase Recruitment Numbers

In-plant Office

Need to increase recruitment numbers at your military base? Making some changes to your in-plant offices when recruits come to visit will help their first-time impressions of your base and current employees will spread the word of their healthy working environment.

Make it Quieter

When prospective recruits come to your base? While a military base is going to have some level of noise, in-plant offices are expected to be quiet so recruits and staff can concentrate on their tasks.

Installing soundproof walls will improve the atmosphere of your in-plant offices and help prevent the side effects of loud noises like:

  • Headaches
  • Stress
  • Hearing loss

Manage Working Hours

Does your base adhering to strict working hours with no room for changes? Consider loosening up a bit. Modern military personnel expect reasonable working hours for better work and family life balance. Flexible working hours can benefit everyone with:

  • Less absenteeism
  • Less stress
  • Higher job satisfaction and productivity

Rearrange Floor Plans

Rearranging floor plans to make your in-plant offices more productive based on your base’s needs. If you need more space, in-plant offices can be easily rearranged with no cost or lost time to you, unlike with traditional construction. Rearranging in-plant office layout can also promote personnel fellowship in that they won’t be isolated from each other and will have a healthy balance of productivity and socialization.

Keep it Clean & Lit

Are the in-plant offices in your base ill maintained? Recruits won’t want to work in a place that is dirty and poorly lit because they’ll get the sense that you cannot take care of your building—and by extension, your personnel.

A clean, comfortable in-plant office with good lighting helps improve productivity and personnel happiness. If you can, have lots of natural lighting in your in-plant office to make it more energy efficient and improve personnel quality of life.

Add Plants to Improve Mood

Adding plants to your in-plant office will improve the mood and health of everyone on your base. Recruits who see that you care for your employees by making their working space more home-like. Adding plants to your in-plant offices will also help the air quality so base personnel can breathe easier and be less stressed.

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