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A Data Storage Facility for Western Construction: Aesthetics Combined with Security

Data Storage Center

Any business in the data storage industry must make security a priority. Data storage server farms, a collection of servers that provides functionality beyond the capability of one machine, require an enormous amount of power and protection to run effectively. Managing such a business means controlling access and maximizing data center efficiencies.

Western Construction Services came to Porta-King with a request for a gate house that would provide a number of benefits for their data storage client: It would increase security on-site, enhance the company’s local image, and represent the company brand.

Porta-King Custom-Designs Solutions that Represent Your Business

As the first thing visitors would see, the gate house needed to be aesthetically pleasing, but also secure. Western Construction requested a structure painted in the colors of the company logo to identify and promote the company brand as an important job-creator in the local community. They required a custom-designed, completed structure as quickly as possible.

Porta-King builds security structures with a variety of customized wall and roof design options. For this project, we designed a gate house with vertical and horizontal wall reveals and an extra high fascia, painted in blue and gray. As a custom fabricator, we offer a wide range of designs that include unique features to personalize each structure. Because all our prefabricated guard booths are shipped ready-to-occupy, we were able to keep this project on schedule and on budget. Plus, the gate house can easily be moved as the company grows and security needs change.

When you Require Around-the-Clock Security, Rely on Porta-King Guard Buildings

At Porta-King, we design our guard booths to be both practical and comfortable Porta-King’s experienced engineers will work with your team to build the right security building for your facility.

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